Patrizi Barolo DOCG 2015

Patrizi Barolo

In vineyard

100% Nebbiolo grapes from South Piedmont (Town of Barolo and surrounding villages). The grapes are grown clayey – calcareous soli which produce this D.O.C.G red white.

The harvest of the grapes takes place in the third period and the adequately selected grapes are pressed with special equipment. The must is therefore sent to steel tanks where it is fermented for about 15 days at the temperature of about 27° C.  During this fermentation, the high temperature, together with the long period allow the extraction of tannic elements, that with the other noble elements and an adequate acidity form the first product intended for ageing.

In Cellar

This wine undergoes a period of ageing not inferior to 3 years, during which at least two years are spent in oak or chestnut barrels. The ageing period starts from the 1st January following the year of grapes production. During this period the wine grows rich of the wood elements and it gets rid of undesired substances that are eliminated by means of traditional oenological practices.  Once the ageing period is over, the Barolo undergoes a wine-tasting test carried out by a special committee, in order to get the government marks that guarantee the origin and the quality. Bottling is only done after 3 years of ageing.

In Tasting

Colour: garnet red with orange reflections . Aroma: characteristic, ethereal, pleasant, intense scent. Palate: dry, full, strong, austere but velvety and harmonic.


It goes particularly well with game dishes and meat dishes but it is also appreciated combined with cheese.

Product Description

Technical information

• Bottle Size: 0.75l
• Alcohol Volume: 14.00%
• Serving Temperature: 8 – 10 °C