Antonio Facchin Prosecco Spumante DOC Treviso Millesimato Extra Dry

Antoni Facchin Prosecco

What does Millesimato mean?
This prosecco was exclusively produced with the best grapes of that particular year.  The company provides the greatest guarantee of product quality from the vineyard to the glass.

In Vineyard
Located at Pedemontana Trevigiana, the geographical area covered by this appellation is the Veneto’s eastern Treviso province, a center for sparkling Prosecco. Glera grapes are hand-picked early September.

In Cellar
White wine vinification, fermentation under contr. Temperatures, Rest on yeast for lysis, secondary fermentation with Charmat-Method for 60 to 90 days.

In Tasting
A captivating wine of bright straw yellow color, with a fresh, fruity, floral scent and a sweetish harmonic and pleasant taste.

It can festively be served with sea mollusks, truffles, oysters, grilled scampi, sole fish, and also with regional risottos with spring vegetables and other light first courses. It is more suited to be tasted between meals or for its completion.

Product Description

Technical Information

  • Bottle Size: 0.75l
  • Alcohol Volume: 11.5%
  • Serving Temperature: 6°C
  • Residual reducing sugars: 13.60 g/l
  • Total acidity: 6.00 g/l
  • Total dry extract: 30.50 g/l
  • Pressure: 5,20 bar