Born with a burning passion to serve excellent food and wine  to our customers. We source from Italy and China with our network to find great food and wine that we ourselves would enjoy and share with our friends, and at prices that represent great value.

In Italian, “Via” is “road” and “Serica” is “silk”. Our name Via Serica traces the great traveller, Marco Polo who travelled a perilous journey from the West to East for trade.

Via Serica is a modern-day Marco Polo when we travel much effortlessly as compared to Marco Polo to constantly source for great food and wine from Italy and China for the ASEAN market.

The vineyards that we represent spans from relatively large to medium or small in size. Most importantly, we find great wines. Italy is one of the  largest producer of wine and ‘every day wine’ is synonymous with their culture. Not forgetting China, there are gems as well.

Italy has a long tradition of fine foods which is constantly maintained by their regulations. Some of our suppliers has a tradition dating as far back as the 19th century and they have kept the same taste over the years with their passion.