Via Serica, the "Silk Road", was an old path used by the famous traveller Marco Polo to connect East and West during the ancient times. East being China and West being Italy.

Today we follow that path together with Marco Polo, bringing with us one of the most precious gifts Italy has donated to the world.

Italy, is the world's largest wine production country and the oldest wine producing region in the world.  More than 1,000 types of accredited grapes are grown in designated wine regions spanning across Italy.  And there are more than one million vineyards collectively!

Numerous Italian wineries from the old to the new have yet to make a mark in the world. They may be small and produce limited quantities in a year. However, when you drink their boutique wines, you can savour the passion. Definitely, a work of art.


Other than wines, we are also passionate about specialty foods.

In Italy, wines accompany their amazing food. The tradition of Italian cuisine is based on wheat products (such as bread and pasta), vegetables, cheese, fish, and meat;  usually prepared the manner to preserve their ingredients' natural qualities, appearance, and taste.

Italian cuisine emphasisea on lightness and healthy nutrition with natural unprocessed foods, and tends to vary greatly not only with the seasons but also between the various regions of the country, sometimes even towns a few km apart have different and nonetheless wonderful culinary experiences.

The cuisine is born of the people, the territory and the seasons, and is not pulled out of nowhere for no rhyme or reason.

Notable is the Panettone from Fraccaro which is baked in the same way since 1932. Fraccaro uses the same sourdough since the original date and has no preservatives in their products, be it, Panettone or Gondoeta amongst many.